Like all our decals, these are printed in Great Britain, in small batches, so have Limited availability

Happy Birthday Clock Stickers

Let your clock join in on family birthday celebrations by adding balloons, bunting and numbers to your clock's face!

The static stickers can be arranged how you want them to look - easily applied and removed, with no mess or residue - storable for future years.

  • Include your clock in any household birthday celebration, young or old, with a set of happy static decals for its clock face!

  • Just like our Seasonal Clock Face Stickers, the artwork sits on the clock face and is held in place with its own static – no mess! Choose whether to apply all, or a selection, of the stickers. 

  • The designs are easily applied in several pieces and removable from the clock face without leaving any trace. 100% re-usable for future birthdays.

  • Have fun being creative – involve the family in putting the graphics onto the clock and choosing where they should go.

  • Includes enough numbers to celebrate turning any age (where you won't get a Telegram from the King) and there is space to add the birthday boy/girl’s name or a special message with a board marker, if you choose to.

  • Best suited for all Regular-sized (33cm / 13") Clocks in the Bramwell Brown range, as pictured, but can be applied to Giant Clocks, too.

  • Simple instructions are included in the pack but application of the static artwork film has been designed to be easy to apply.

  • The artwork sits on the clock face and is held in place with their own static – no mess!

  • The clock hands and weather scenery behind are still fully visible.

  • The graphics can be removed once the birthday celebrations are over and placed back onto the sheet they were sent on, safely put away for the following year.

  • Whilst the birthday themed graphics will stick to all Bramwell Brown Clock faces, the artwork comes in one size only. The above product photography shows the graphics on a Regular-sized (33cm / 13") Copper-framed Weather Clock.

  • The sheet of graphics come in an A4 card envelope. Delivery for UK customers is via Royal Mail First Class and is free of charge.

  • Does your clock not live in the UK? No problem. We ship with a Royal Mail Tracked service to all worldwide locations. The cost of this is shown at checkout.