Do you live in the United Kingdom and owned one of our Weather Clocks for several years? Have you moved to a bigger home? Or finally built that kitchen extension? Or perhaps didn't even know we made Giant Clocks when you first bought from us?!

Bramwell Brown will take your Regular-sized Weather Clock in return for a discount on one of our very special Giant Weather Clocks*.

£150. This is the flat trade in rate we are offering for Weather Clocks, whatever their age, assuming they're undamaged, by way of a discount. More info at the bottom of the page.

If you own a Copper-framed Weather Clock, because we have so few to hand right now, we would be happy to pay more, and top this up to £170.

Your current Weather Clock will be refurbished at our Workshop into one of our Re-Loved Weather Clocks. (We don't make any profit on this part, we just are glad to recycle your clock and give it a new, cherished home.)

It's too complicated (for you and us) to take delivery and inspect every clock at the workshop before giving individual trade-in valuations. So we feel the best process for all concerned is as follows:

1. You get in touch with our team via the form below, to register your interest, giving us details about your current clock.

2. We confirm your address is within delivery range of our specialist couriers and we have stock of your preferred Giant Clock ready and available.

3. The trade-in is agreed and we send you a secure link to settle up for your new Giant Weather Clock, discounted by £150 (or £170 if you're trading in a Copper clock).

4. The couriers are then booked and they will visit your address and conduct a 'swap' of the clocks. (The couriers will check your current clock & unless the clock is clearly not what was described - most importantly, the clock frame is re-usable - then you will be handed your shiny new Giant Weather Clock.)

5. You'll now have a real statement piece to hang in your home and be proud of. And you'll have helped us recycle as many clock parts as possible!

Regular-sized Weather Clock vs a Giant Weather Clock


*Some details:

- We are running this scheme as a way to ensure our clocks are on walls where they will be talked about most. With the fairly complex workshop & courier logistics and the "UK-only" offering, it is nothing like a 'money spinner' for us. 

- We are therefore reliant on our customers' honesty and goodwill in treating us as a small-family run business. We really don't want to have to refuse a delivery on anyone's doorstep because a clock being given back to us is, actually, triangular-shaped or has recently been on fire. 

- If we do have to turn around a van loaded with a Giant Weather Clock that was destined to be swapped with a clock that was not as described, then the cost of the cancelled specialist delivery (£50) will have to be deducted from your refunded order. We hope this sounds fair.