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Contemporary design, beautiful engineering.

We were inspired by old mechanical curiosities: the grandfather clocks and barometers of childhood. Our mechanimated clocks rely on changes in air pressure to forecast the weather, with whimsical illustrations wrapped in a handsome hand-spun steel frame.

Moving Mechanics in a Bramwell Brown Clock


Hand-assembled in Great Britain

Every Bramwell Brown clock is assembled by hand at our workshop in Hampshire. It’s precise, skilled work fixing each cog and illustrated panel into place, ready to swing into view with a change in air pressure. 
The children check the weather every morning and all throughout the day run into the kitchen to see how it has changed if we hear it moving. We love it!"
- J.F. in Yorkshire.  See what others say about our clocks

A little about us...

Bramwell Brown was founded on the premise that, in our increasingly digitalised world, there are few opportunities to accessorise your home with the smile-inducing mechanical curiosities we fondly remember from times gone by.
Brother and sister Co-Founders, Rob & Sarah, imagined, then developed and patented, a unique timepiece to fill this soulless gap – and the space on your wall! Read more about our story here.

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