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10 Fun Wimbledon Tennis Weather Facts

Wimbledon Weather Facts

by Sarah & Rob

It’s Wimbledon fortnight and it’s fair to say (or perhaps not - looking at the stats below) Wimbledon is often associated with rain stopping play! Here’s our collection of favourite Wimbledon Weather facts… 

  1. The warmest Wimbledon tournament on record was in 1976 when temperatures averaged 25C
  2. The hottest Wimbledon day was on 1st July 2015 when temperatures reached a sweltering 35C
  3. The wettest year on record was in 1997 when 118.3mm of rain was recorded
  4. The coldest ever Wimbledon was in 1999 when temperatures reached a chilly 4.9C
  5. 1985 was famous year in the Championships as it saw a storm hit Wimbledon with an inch of rain falling in just 20 minutes!
  6. The championships recorded as being without rain interruptions since 1922 are: 1931, 1976, 1977, 1993, 1995, 2009, 2010
  7. Cliff Richard famously sang to the crowd in 1996 when rain brought play to a close, 13 years before the roof was installed!
  8. The retractable roof was opened for the 2009 tournament and takes 10 minutes to close fully once it starts raining
  9. Once the roof is closed, eight litres of fresh air per second, per person is pumped into the court to manage the environment!
  10. 7,500 Wimbledon umbrellas would be needed to cover the same area as the retractable roof!

The good news for 2017 tournament is that despite a wet start, the weather is looking to be warm and cloudy with possibilities of thundery showers on Thursday.

Enjoy the tennis!

10 Wimbledon Tennis Weather Facts