Hello from Rob

If you're reading this page then you will have seen that I am very keen to speak to recent customers of Bramwell Brown. 

This page hopefully explains a little bit more about why this is the case and what I'd love to talk to you about.

Rob at the kitchen table

I took the time to reach out to customers once before in the first Covid lockdown and it set Sarah, the team and I off on many helpful avenues. This was absolutely essential for us, as a small business, to continue to do the best we can.

Times have moved on since that last set of customer chats and we're keen to ensure that we continue to progress our range in a way that best meets our customers' dreams and ideas, rather than what we think they want.

With this all in mind, if you fit the following categories and think you have time to speak to me over the phone one day, I'd love to call you up for a natter.

- You bought the clock from us, or asked someone to buy it for you
- We haven't spoken before (as much as I'd like to speak again to previously chatty customers!)
- You have access to a telephone that I can call you on

 Any chat would be really quite informal and hopefully a bit of fun. There is likely to be some 'reward' for your time, too 😉

So please don't be shy! Fill out the form below (which won't alter any other email or contact preferences that are currently set with us) and we'll reach out to say 'hello' and set a time that suits.

Thanks so much in advance for your kind engagement - it means the world to Sarah and I to make such great connections with our customers,

Warmest Regards,

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