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Legless Pirate Corkscrew

Corkscrew Stocking Fillers by Bramwell Brown Clocks

Sail ho! Every kitchen needs a good bottle opener - and if you don't have a peg leg, parrot and eye patch of your own, then they're included with this one.

Sea Shanties optional!


Fridge Magnet Alphabet

Fridge Magnet Stocking Fillers by Bramwell Brown Clocks

A stable classic for the family kitchen!

Whether you and your fellow-kitchen dwellers share breakfast every day or are like 'ships in the night', reminders, mockery or silly words will be the new menu.


Salt & Pepper Bots

Salt and Pepper Stocking Fillers by Bramwell Brown Clocks

"Pass the salt, please" will mean something else this Christmas with these fun little robots.

Wind them up and send them down the table towards the dish in need of seasoning!


Snazzy Men's Socks by LookMate

Socks Stocking Fillers by Bramwell Brown Clocks

The 'Candy & Candy' sock design is LookMate's best selling men's sock for 2018!

Available in UK Men's Size 7.5 to 10. Designed by David Harutyunyan.


The World's Smallest Kite

Kite Stocking Filler

This tiny Kite is the most fun and unique little gift

Half the size of a postcard, the delicate Kite flies really well in even moderate winds. 

Something fun to do on Christmas day or Boxing Day if out on a walk!