Information about your Weather Clock

As you may have read in the instruction manual or on our website, for every Weather Clock we sell, a donation is made by Bramwell Brown to Spacehive.

Spacehive is a crowd-funding platform for civic projects aimed at improving places and communities. For more information on Spacehive, please see their website:



Clocks purchased between:

Bramwell Brown-funded project


1st June and 1st October 2015

A New Creative Hub for Wood Street’ 

When we came across the Walthamstow-based project we knew the it was one worth supporting. The Waltham Forest area has a severe lack of artist facilities compared with neighbouring boroughs, so by refurbishing the Manual Construction Centre on Brooke Road the management hope to create a fantastic community art initiative that will hopefully be of huge benefit to the wider area. We wish them luck!


1st October 2015 and 1st January 2016

'Paradise Park Pavillion'

Here at Bramwell Brown we're all about getting outdoors and doing fun things. This little project in Holloway (near Bramwell Brown HQ) is hopefully going to help a lot of kids do this more often. The Pavillion is a kind of stage that can be used for a whole load of organised activities or simply for messing around in when the weather's bad. We're sure the local community have a lot of fun down there once it's built!

1st January 2016 and 1st October 2016
Pending whilst waiting list is in place. To be confirmed -



For Weather Clocks with:

“Traditional” Weather Scenery Artwork: Peter McDermott – from the Isle of Skye. Peter’s “Railway posters” were the inspiration behind this artwork type.

“Contemporary” Weather Scenery Artwork: Peter McDermott – from the Isle of Skye. This was Peter’s second Weather Clock artwork instruction for us.

 “Cycling”, “Golf” Weather Scenery Artwork: Michael Mantel – from near Hamburg in Germany. Michael is a successful illustrator and his playful style was what we were looking for in these clocks.



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