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Spring Green Weather Clock - Limited Edition

Available from April for a limited time only, this is the newest addition to the Weather Clock range.
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spring green weather clock

Brand new for 2019, the Spring Green Weather Clock will be made available from April until the summer solstice - 21st of June. 

These very special clocks provide an instant update to any room that just says "Spring"... as well as putting a little wonder and fascination into your home interiors.

Be one of the first to bag one before it's too late and add a touch of freshness to your wall by pre-ordering. 

Spring Green Weather Clock showing Very Dry

The Spring Green clock colour was chosen from a range of customer special requests. The smooth green finish is the first new paint colour by Bramwell Brown since launching the Weather Clocks.

The green is very much Olive in tone and provides a great compliment for many interiors bursting with greenery and indoor plants. Whether it's hung in a little corner of a kitchen in touch with nature or in a family room facing onto a garden, this clock will have house guests green with envy!

Spring Green Weather Clock showing Stormy

Mechanically, the clock is no different from the rest of the 'Weather Clock' range. It shows 'Very Dry', 'Fair', 'Change', 'Rain' and 'Stormy' with the usual moving mechanical clouds illustrated by Scottish artist, Peter McDermott.

You can expect forecast updates with any significant change in atmospheric pressure - resulting in an exciting whirr as the weather mechanism swings into action. If its audience can’t wait to see it move, there’s a demonstration button on the bottom of the clock to bring it to life whenever you like!

As for all of our regular sized Weather Clocks, the Spring Green clock is ship-able worldwide. To view our international shipping rates, click here. Shipping is free if you’re in the UK.

Spring Green Weather Clock showing Fair Weather

Any clocks that are pre-ordered will be dispatched, fresh from our workshop production line, in Mid-April. From then on, the clocks will be made in small batches depending on its popularity!

If you would like to nominate a colour for the next Bramwell Brown limited run, do let us know here.

Thanks for your interest!

Rob and Sarah of Bramwell Brown

Brother & Sister Co-Founders of Bramwell Brown Clocks