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Upcoming new stock of Bramwell Brown Clocks

                                                               By Sarah & Rob

We are very soon to have the first few clocks off the production line and, working from the top of the waiting list, anyone that we are able to offer a clock to from that batch will be contacted personally.

Please don’t despair, though, if you’re not one of those first few as full production will be up and running before too long. At this point, the clocks being assembled by the new team will be, where possible, directed by the customer requests and the types that have been most popular. We can assure you that we are just as impatient to be back up and running!
In other news...

Prototyping of the new clock designs is underway and, as promised, below is a sneaky peak of what we’ve been working on. We’re delighted to introduce the ‘Into The Wild’ artwork design by the young and extremely talented, Josh Patterson! We are thrilled with Josh’s designs (there are two more to reveal in due course) and we hope you like what you see too!


There are a very small amount of clocks still available in a handful of retailers in the UK. At time of writing, Blacks of Dorking in Surrey, has some stock, as do Peter Hall and Sons in Windermere and Parma Violet in Kirkby Lonsdale. They are perhaps worth contacting if you’re in their area and can’t bear to wait any longer!

We hope that the above is clear but if you have any questions for us then please do get in touch. We’re looking forward to speaking to you all at some point about the delivery of your preferred clock!